Banged Up Young Holes


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Another day, another curfew breaker, or another guy failing his test, or another guy not paying rent.  Sometimes we let the residents slide at first, because a lot of them really do have learning disabilities or something.  But third time (or sometimes second) is a charm, and after they have been warned, we give them the full treatment. Luckily for our always patient House Manager, the residents always fuck up enough to merit a good barebacking.  Their young holes have never felt anything like it. Since we get so much turnover, and so many new guys, we often don’t know how good of a cock sucker they will be, or how tight or loose their holes are.  Frankly, most of these guys aren’t half bad at sucking dick.  After all, how else are they gonna score on the streets?  It turns out they usually know their way around a dick.  Getting their boyholes ripped open, on the other hand, might be a new thing.  So, we House Managers never know what we are going to get.  Whether it’s an experienced whore, or a tight butt virgin, however, we know how to deal with any type of teen cunt.  We always enjoy a full head of locks to grab, because once we slide into his hole, we know we are going to get one damn good fuck.  These young delinquents always get a load of jizz, either deposited into their holes, or dumped into their open mouths.  They might not like it too much, but that banged up hole sure reminds them to stay on their best behavior for a few days.

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Run Time

152 Minutes


Shane Aaron

Cast List

Malachi Rayne, Hunter Greys, Emanuel Hendrix, Max Rivers, Mickey O’Bryan, Gideon Graham