Bitch Training 101


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These residents are awfully young to be getting into so much trouble, but wowzers do these guys manage to do it! It might start off with a simple exchange behind the corner store, but before these teens and twenty-somethings know it, they’re in a bad way: pawning their parents’ electronics, kiting their checks, ordering gift cards online that they can exchange for goodies. Although it all seems very white collar criminal to them, the consequences are just the same as if they would commit a violent act. And then, when it finally dawns on them how deep the shit-river is, and how small their paddle is, it’s too late. A lot of these guys should have had it made. In terms of residents, we’ve got it: high school athletes, prom queen’s boyfriends, guys with nice cars on their parents’ dime, and some of them just guys with a regular day job. Yet, here they are. The funny thing is, while their self-perception might have been that they were kings of the world, they were really just descending into a dark world where they’re just another desperate bitch. Well, bitches are our specialty here at the House. Some residents already know they are bitches, having traded their mouths and cunts for party favors more than once. Others need to have it hammered into their thick skulls as soon as possible. It’s only from lying on your back in the hole you’ve dug yourself, that you can finally see the stars.

Starring: Ryan Boorder, Chris Colt, Mikey Allens, Colin Clout, Kip Owens

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Shane Aaron

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Ryan Boorder, Chris Colt, Mikey Allens, Colin Clout, Kip Owens