Blossoming Young Whores


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So many young men are in and out of the system these days, it’s not surprise that a lot of them are well on their way to being lifelong whores. Since we are lucky enough to meet them in their blossoming stage, we House Managers tend to help them on their way to whoredom. At first, they might be a bit unclear about what their role in the world is, but clarity comes with practice. It almost seems like some of them were meant to be on their knees getting their mouths stuffed with two big cocks, or take raw loads up their assholes. Treated with disdain? Check. Used randomly when someone just wants a nut? Check. Being a jizz receptacle any time of day for anyone who just happens to be horny? Check. While they are working through some of their other unique issues,
at least they all are on their way to reaching their true potential in one aspect of their lives. And to tell you the truth, it’s a pleasure helping them out. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We give them load after load until they know their places.

Starring: Valentino Nappy, Leo Edwards, Joey J, Trevor Hardman, Kyle

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130 Minutes


Shane Aaron

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Valentino Nappy, Leo Edwards, Joey J, Trevor Hardman, Kyle