Casting Straight Boys


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Like the fish in the sea, straight boys come in all stripes, and they all have different motivations. When I encounter a straight boy who is wanting to get into porn, the first thing I have to do is to figure out their deal, without them knowing that I am analyzing them. Most of them say that they want pussy, money, or both. But a closer inspection shows that some of them are vain, some
are bored, some come from broken homes, some are unemployed and undereducated, and some are just batshit crazy. In order to successfully talk them into an audition shoot in which I can get my dick into their virgin buttholes takes some work, for sure. But knowing the archetypes helps. In this series of casting couch scenes, you will see how a naïve 18 or 19 year old straight boy gets flattered and sweet-talked enough to put an older man’s dick in his mouth, let this same creep eat his asshole out, and then let the guy fuck him bareback and breed his freshly fucked hole. Some of them might be open and adventurous, and some might be desperate for cash, but at the end of the day, they are all a piece of meat when Clay is in the room.

Starring: Malachi Rayne, Gibson Stark, Emanuel Hendrix, Keene Bennett, Clay


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Shane Aaron

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Malachi Rayne, Gibson Stark, Emanuel Hendrix, Keene Bennett, Clay