Daddy Gets First Dibs


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So many young men want to get into porn these days; there are almost too many to choose from when you are looking to “cast” some new “talent.”  I guess this generation has just grown up watching tube sites on the Internet, and every one of them think that they can fuck some chick way better than the guys they see on their device screens.  Eventually – with some – this desire to be on that screen themselves ends up consuming them, to the point that they will do almost anything to get into the porn biz.  That’s where I – Clay – come in. 


Half of the battle is already done for me, because most people are expecting a casting couch to begin with, so there isn’t one guy who walks through my door that hasn’t at least thought about it.  And really, since that little teeny seed has already been planted, all I have to do is get them naked, snap a few photos, stroke their egos by telling them how sexy they are. . . they next thing you know they are sucking a cock for the first time, or better yet, getting their fresh virgin holes stretched wide open with Daddy dick.


Now, I also know that regardless of whether they had met me or not, these guys would be fucking dudes for cash, probably.  I mean, in addition to wanting to be famous as pornstars, they also are all universally broke, and they need cash badly.  So, if they are gonna be opening their cunts to the highest bidder for the next few years, why shouldn’t I get first dibs (for free?)  After all, every young man needs a mentor, someone to show him the ropes.  Thankfully this mentor has a hell of a lot of fun getting these guys some “work”!

Starring: Patrick Raposa, Tyler Nugent, Bogdan Fox, David Fly, Clay

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Shane Aaron

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159 Minutes

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Patrick Raposa, Tyler Nugent, Bogdan Fox, David Fly, Clay