Dads Want Laid Teens Want Paid


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I like throwing two of my boy whores together at the same time. Most of the time, they’re only used to being with me alone, and a lot of the time they’ve never even been with another guy. So it definitely puts them off guard, which is always fun to watch. I like the reactions of the ‘straight’ boys when confronted with a guy their own age.  Despite whatever their misgivings may be, though, these sexy young studs pull through.  Why?  They need the money, and Daddy’s got it for them.”

Check out Clay as he puts his boys through the hoops: all bareback, all threesomes.  At least one of these raunchy bastards ends up being spit-roasted in each scene, and most of the time they end up with a load of jizz in both ends.  By the time each fuck session is over, there’s a very sore asshole and lots of orifices dripping with cum.  By the time Daddy and his friends are finished with these broke, desperate teens, they are definitely no longer virgins, and usually they are on their way to being submissive cock hungry sex toys.

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Raunchy Bastards

Production Year


Run Time

185 Minutes


Shane Aaron

Cast List

Logan Pine, Charlie Bronson, Bo Connor, Ian Odell, Patrick Gentry, Hunter Gold, Dalton Kramer, Dominic Phelps, Ryan Fields, Clay