Deadbeat Breeding


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Deadbeats, Delinquents, Criminals, Dregs of Society, Loafers, Moochers. Whatever you call these young guys, they are all the same. They care only about their own immediate personal pleasure and comfort, and they could give a rat’s ass about anyone else. They have no internal motivation to be responsible, or to help out their fellow citizens. As such, there are two ways of dealing with them: trying to open their eyes so that they instinctively work toward their own self-improvement, or giving them external motivation to get their ass off the couch and begin contributing. We at the Halfway House strongly prefer the latter approach, and we have found that one great external motivation is ramming our dicks in their virgin assholes in order to make them see the light.
Whether they are new offenders or have lived in years of squalor and deprivation, once a thick cock is shoved into these straight guys’ mouths, they know that the gig is up and that they had better change their ways. In the meantime, the House Managers have a lot of fun using their moist young mouths  and tight unused cunts as a way to get off. Once these ruffians have been face
fucked, ass slammed, and bred, they have a tendency to see life from a different angle. Hell, some of them even start to enjoy it. Dumping a load of jizz deep into one of these fuckers’ assholes is truly a gift to society.

Starring: Landon Matthews, Silas, Mark Santana, Malachi Rayne, Aaron List

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153 Minutes


Shane Aaron

Cast List

Landon Matthews, Silas, Mark Santana, Malachi Rayne, Aaron List