Don’t Cry, Just Try


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Aside from giving lame excuse after lame excuse for not doing something, or for having done something bad, most Halfway House residents biggest problem is doing something so half-assed that they might as well have not done it.  For example, common chores like cleaning, attending and participating in AA and NA meetings, following simple rules, commands, and instructions.  The thing that flabbergasts the House Managers is that when confronted about their lazy, sullen, idiotic dereliction of duty, they whine – they give this or that reason why they couldn’t do a simple task, or follow an easy instruction.  Well, one of our mottos here at the House is “Don’t Cry, Just Try.”  Of course these dolts usually don’t try, so we resort to extreme methods to knock some sense into their pea-brains.


After getting a cock shoved down their throats until they are gagging, after having a load of jizz dumped into their not-so-eager mouths, after getting their little straight boy assholes barebacked, or after being bred like a little bitch…. then they sometimes try a bit harder.  However, the trying harder must begin during the punishment.  So when some loser is sucking a House Manager’s cock – even if it is his first time – he is encouraged to do better.  Also, when a guy is getting his cherry popped, rather than lie there like a 40 year old hooker, he is encouraged to be more active, riding House Manager dick like a pro.  All of this hard work obviously gives them a sense of accomplishment, and even though some of these guys do cry while they are being fucked or smoking on pole, the important thing is that they are giving it their best shot.  And if they don’t give it their best shot, trust me – it’s only going to hurt more.

Starring: Rocky Tate, Mikey Allens, Ray Garner, Patrick Raposa, Jayden


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Rocky Tate, Mikey Allens, Ray Garner, Patrick Raposa, Jayden