Eager For The Job


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Once a young man enters the workforce, he quickly finds that it is full of drudgery – for little pay, at that. Having watched porn, some guys think, “Hey, I could do that!” Many guys would relish making money while banging hot chicks or hot guys. However, few people actually take the step of trying to get involved. Usually they are afraid that it won’t be “legit,” or that they will get scammed. Some are afraid for their friends to find out. The brave few, though, actually follow through with applying to some website or another, and this is when they just might get the chance they’ve been dreaming of. If they are unlucky enough to find old Clay, however, they’re going to get more than they bargained for, even if they are eager for the job.

Instead of banging milfs and living it up at great parties with attractive people everywhere, some hot young stud ends up in a room alone with an older perv, who is intent on fucking the guy’s hole, virgin or not. At this point, none of them can back down. They’ve committed too far. And so, they put Clay’s cock in their mouth and begin to suck. Of course that leads to Daddy Clay fucking their holes raw and turning them into the cum dumpsters he knows they can be. Some take it in stride, and have fun. Some are mortified but do it anyways. At any rate, Clay sure does have fun barebacking these hot young stud muffins. Enjoy the seduction!

Starring: Memphis Rhodes, Espen, Tyler Nugent, Travis Malone, Troy Barrett, Clay

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Shane Aaron

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212 Minutes

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Memphis Rhodes, Espen, Tyler Nugent, Travis Malone, Troy Barrett, Clay