Good Boys Gone Bad


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I usually meet these guys online, and just based on texts I am sometimes not too impressed, to tell you the truth. However, there are always diamonds in the rough.  The photos I see, taken in front of a grimy bathroom mirror, might not do the guy justice, and most of these guys are just run-of-the-mill teens. They usually express an interest in getting into the biz in order to make some money, at least most of them, and these are the guys I go for.  If they are at a nice college or drive a new car, they usually either won’t show up or they are quite picky about what exactly they will do.  Some, like Cort Cameron, pull up into the drive in an old run down car that barely runs, and I think, “Bingo!”


Every once in a while I get lucky, too.  Sometimes when I open the door, I am stunned.  After all, it’s the better looking guys who usually self-select to do porn, so it makes sense, even if they can’t take a good selfie to save their lives.  When I see a stunner such as these, it’s at that point I begin to get excited. And trust me, the excitement only builds from thereon out. As the guy slowly takes off one layer of clothing, and then another, I can see that I’m going to have one fun casting session. 


Before the guy knows what’s going on, I’ve got my daddy dick in their mouths, and then in their virgin holes.  The fucking during these castings is better than most – because it’s the guys’ first time, and also because they are aiming to please!  They want to be in porn, and they want that money, and they are willing to do almost anything to make their dreams come true.  Meanwhile, I get my nut with scores of different good looking young men all the time. Good boys gone bad are definitely the most fun! Not a bad gig.

Starring: Cort Cameron, Mikey Allens, Hugh Depp, Trevor Hardman, Clay

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Shane Aaron

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Cort Cameron, Mikey Allens, Hugh Depp, Trevor Hardman, Clay