Hook Line And Sinker


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It’s a lot easier being a creeper than one might think.  The hardest part is getting them physically in the door, but once that’s accomplished, it’s easy pickings.  You play on a guy’s vanity enough, and he’ll be peeling off his underwear with a smile on his face.  Oh, and the better looking and more in shape they are, the easier it is.  This is a nice phenomenon, because as a professional creep I get to fuck some of the best looking teens and twenty-somethings around.  The next step, of course, is getting their mouth around your cock.  Unless they are total cock crusaders, generally this takes a bit more skill.  But with enough practice, it’s not too difficult.  Sure, the straight guys might push back at first, but only about ten percent of the time.  And then they will cave.  Why?  Because it’s as if the minute they are completely naked, their brains stop functioning.  They are like deer in headlights, just waiting on me to pounce.  I also know that if a guy will let me eat him out, he will let me stick it in.  But, like I said, getting them in the door is the hard part.  If your spiel is good enough, though, they will buy it hook, line, & sinker.

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Raunchy Bastards

Production Year


Run Time

175 Minutes


Shane Aaron

Cast List

Carter Michaels, Danny Luca, Billy Saint, Guy Mannion, Danny Alvarez, Clay