I’m Not Gay, But…


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“The most fun part about filming all of these so-called straight guys is that after all the bullshitting about pussy, they all end up with a cock in their mouth.  Or up their asses… which is prety damn gay to me.  You can watch all the titty porn you want, but when you cum buckets onto a dude’s asshole and then a smile comes across your face, it’s hard to hide how much you like it.  Thomas had never (supposedly) fucked another guy before, but his big fat cock had no problem slam fucking Toby.  Same goes for Patrick – he basically slam fucks Ryan bareback and then nuts onto Ryan’s swollen, gaping hole.  Danny and Clay turn two supposedly straight guys into total cock-sucking bitches, and after it was all over these broskies had dick on their breath and smiles on their faces!  Then they move on to test out two new straight-boy bitches, Link and Derek!  We knew they were gay, all of ’em.”

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Raunchy Bastards

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Run Time

193 Minutes



Cast List

Thomas Penn, Toby Springs, Patrick Gentry, Ryan Fields, Danny Luca, Charlie Bronson, Jigsaw, Danny Luca, Clay, Link, Derek, Kadus King, Dave Rollins