Lowlifes Dicked Down


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Young men don’t naturally become lowlifes.  It takes a good amount of time and partying to get there.  In the meantime, they have to abandon or be abandoned by their family and friends, as well as become societal pariahs.  They either live off the dole, steal, cheat, or otherwise become a detriment to their neighbors.  Often they are a danger to themselves as well.  The real problem, though, is this:  Lowlifes just can’t see themselves for who they really are.  You can hold a mirror to them and they are blind.  What to do?

This is where our strategy comes in at the Boys Halfway House.  We make sure these guys 1) know their place 2) realize what a bad spot they are in and 3) because of their situation, aim to make themselves better people.  After all, a dick up your ass from a House Manager sure is a wake up call!  Of course, they let us fuck them, but deep inside they know that they can’t just be cum rags their whole lives.  Lying there on a bed or a couch, covered in some other dude’s jizz, their little damaged pea brains start churning.  Getting dicked down good is a great therapy method.   Watch all of these sessions now and you will be a believer!

Starring: Daniel Dean, Lucas Porter, Rowan Hunter, Peyton Reynolds, Jake

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Shane Aaron

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122 Minutes

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Daniel Dean, Lucas Porter, Rowan Hunter, Peyton Reynolds, Jake