Manhandled Fuck Holes


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The one thing all of these lowlife residents have in common is that they respond to one thing only: brute authority.  This is why we House Managers need to be so rough on them.  If they are ever going to get out on their own as productive members of society, they need to learn their lessons the hard way.  So, what do we do?  We manhandle them until they are subservient enough to do their time.  Of course, all of these young men have very nice holes, so cracking them open with our cocks isn’t the worst job in the world.  Whether their problem is missing curfew, sneaking contraband, or just being annoying, our solution is always the same: manhandle their holes, dump loads in their mouths, and turn them into screaming little bitches until they stop doing whatever it is that they shouldn’t be doing.  Sure, they might have trouble walking for a few days, but better that than time in jail!

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Boys Halfway House

Production Year


Run Time

140 Minutes


Shane Aaron

Cast List

Jesse McLean, Trayce Travis, Chance Armstrong, Ringo Bishop, Nicholas