No Easy Way Down


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We get a lot of guys through the House, and they vary individually based on how long they went before seeking help, or before help was sought for them. Some guys are college educated and developed their issues during weekend partying, and others, well… When someone gets wrapped up in an unhealthy lifestyle for too long, it can be a rough recovery. These are the types of guys, though, who usually have some experience sucking dick or putting out. They are all potential whores, but sometimes they are already well versed in the art of putting out. When getting on your knees and wrapping your lips around a dick is muscle memory, it means you have a lot of practice. And so it is with a lot of these guys.

We can usually tell at intake if they are the type that would basically be a fuck toy for his entire stay, so sometimes we don’t even need the pretense of a punishment to get their legs in the air. Some of them just know their way around a cock, and their bjs are superb. Their holes all feel good, and although it might seem that they haven’t been fucked in a while, we can always tell when they aren’t virgins (even the straight ones).  BJs are nice, but usually it’s a pound fest the House Managers are after. I mean, when your options for the afternoon are a desk full of paperwork or breeding some street trash, the latter usually is the better option. The Manager always fucks the guys good, and makes sure to leave his seed deep inside of his cunt or down his throat. By the looks of most of them, we aren’t always sure whether they will last long in the House, but at least in the meanwhile we have a few solid bitches to get our rocks off.

Starring: Jonas Paige, Patrick Gentry, Leo Edwards, Billy Saint, Cooper Vant


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Boys Halfway House

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121 Minutes


Shane Aaron

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Jonas Paige, Patrick Gentry, Leo Edwards, Billy Saint, Cooper Vant