No Walk In The Park


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It’s a mixed bag with these guys: sometimes they are already hardened to the ways of institutionalization, and sometimes they are like a young buck in a fresh green meadow. Usually they are covered in jailhouse tats, and have adopted the prison-chic clothing so loved by those school-to-prison pipeline types. Some residents, however, are unlike the others. They have such an innocent look about them, you’d never guess half the shit on their rap sheets. Regardless of how they look, luckily for them those rap sheets aren’t going to become public, and thus, they have a real chance to start again from scratch.


We try to set them on the right path with our tried and true methods: turning them into complete bitches in order to get them to understand that they aren’t kings of the hill.  Although we might start with a nice caress on the shoulder, by the time we are finished with them their mouths are full of cum and their teenage assholes are gaping wide open.  It’s true that helping these guys is rough, but since all the House Managers get their nuts with an endless supply of young teens, it helps us make it through the day working with these delinquents.  Even though it’s no walk in the park, this job definitely has its perks!

Starring: Dakota Lovell, Hugh Depp, Oak Porter, Jack Andram, Atticus

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134 Minutes


Shane Aaron

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Dakota Lovell, Hugh Depp, Oak Porter, Jack Andram, Atticus