Perv Breaking In The Teens


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The best thing about being a so-called porn producer is that you have access and first dibs to all these hot young guys streaming through.  There’s an almost endless supply of 18 and 19 year olds eager to give it their all in order to fulfill their dreams of fame and fun in the porn industry.  All they need is for someone to give them a shot.  Well, if I’m lucky, I’m the one to offer that shot to them.  All I ask for in return, is a little bit of personal time with them.  No matter if they only want to fuck chicks, or only want to do scenes with hot guys.  They see me as the gatekeeper to all that they desire, and because of this, I get to break them in.


This collection of videos features prime examples of the types of guys I am talking about.  And trust me, I always get my rocks off, and usually the guys do to!  If I’m really lucky, I get to fuck a fresh virgin asshole, and I usually fuck them hard and breed them good.  But even if it’s just a good blowjob from a first time straight guy, or even if I only get to rim some straight boy cunt before he gets me off, it’s always a pleasure (on my part).  I must admit, however, that all these guys, whether they like it or not, get boners, too.  So I like to think of my job as simply expanding their horizons.  Some might call me a perv, but if so, I’m the luckiest perv alive!

Starring: Tyler Nugent, Landon Matthews, Noah Reed, Skyler Wright, Clay


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Shane Aaron

Cast List

Tyler Nugent, Landon Matthews, Noah Reed, Skyler Wright, Clay

Run Time

162 Minutes