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A lot of young perps are in trouble for the first time, but most have a history of discarding societal norms. But here at the Boys Halfway House, the only thing getting discarded are these guys’ V-Cards. And by that, I mean their ass virginity. Sure, some of these trashy low-lifes have been fucked in the butt before, but most haven’t. In fact, until they end up semi-institutionalize, most would never give it a thought. We believe, though, that the true measure of recovery is how well a young man can take a dick rough and hard without crying. The next time they think about breaking a House rule, or breaking the law, they’ll be also thinking about how difficult it was for them to clean a fresh load of creamy jizz out of their asses.

We’ve got some beautiful young perps on display here. Since the House Managers enjoy these tight asses and warm mouths so much, we thought you’d enjoy it to. Watch virgins like Tyler Nugent and Logan Briggs get pounded down for the first time. And the sluts – Liam Addison and Dallas Ari – well, they get it even harder. Enjoy this documented evidence of this rehabilitation in action!

Starring: Tyler Nugent, Liam Addison, Logan Briggs, Dallas Ari, Mickey O’Brien

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Shane Aaron

Cast List

Tyler Nugent, Liam Addison, Logan Briggs, Dallas Ari, Mickey O’Brien

Run Time

134 Minutes