Rode Hard & Put Away Wet


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It’s one thing to try and sneak in past curfew, or forget to do chores because you’re a lazy fuck, but to brazenly disregard some very fundamental rules relating to recovery will get a resident in some deep trouble. In these fuckwads’ cases, their troubles become very deep indeed. These clown moves, trying to pull a fast one over on us House Managers doesn’t go down well. After an initial verbal confrontation, we let them have it.  We start out with blowjobs, no matter a little tooth scraping here and there.  Our goal is to pound the back of their throats so hard that they would know it the next time they take a drink or try swallowing. But the real fun begins when one of us had the resident lube up a thick cock and stick it in. Their holes always feel great, too. But it feels even better when we are slam fucking that hole like it was a whack-a-mole at the county fairgrounds. Damn, do these fuckers gape, too.  Their asses take such a pounding that their assholes are always crimson red and sometimes even wide enough to fit a baseball into almost. The whole time, most of them just lie there and take it, grimacing from while to while, but overall just getting their cunts worked over and barely feeling a thing, emotionally speaking. That’s what the low road will do to a guy: numb to life, numb to getting treated like a common whore.

Starring: Mac Dawson, Drake Tyler, Corwin Presley, Carter Michaels

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Boys Halfway House

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Run Time

124 Minutes


Shane Aaron

Cast List

Mac Dawson, Drake Tyler, Corwin Presley, Carter Michaels