Smashing His Punk Ass


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“When a bunch of guys live in the same household, as part of a community, there is always friction.  With marbles for brains, it’s no big surprise.  In our estimation, they are all just punks.  Better yet, they are punks that we can do with whatever we like.  What better position to be in than to have a House full of tight young straight boy ass to fuck whenever you feel like it?  The punks get dicked down raw – together, separately, in the office, bedroom, dining table, and none of them can do jack shit about it.  Alex gets barebacked and fed loads by two House Managers.  Noel and Charlie both get fucked consecutively and one of them ends up having a warm load of jizz shoved deep in his hole.  Thomas gets throat fucked and banged hard – a virgin cherry pop to remember.  Fuck these punks, they played and now they pay!”

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Boys Halfway House

Production Year


Run Time

175 Minutes


Shane Aaron

Cast List

Kip (Bobby) Owen, Alexander LeBeau, Noel Worth, Charlie Bronson, Thomas Penn, Matt Watson, Taylor, Paul