Straight Guys Ambushed


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The Creep knows exactly how to get these fine boys to do whatever he wants, whether it’s going slow to avoid scaring them off, or diving right in because it’s clear the “straight boy” is needy and ready to be a fucking whore.  One minute this so-called porn producer is telling them “I know you’re straight, it’s OK,” and the next minute his face is up that hot tight boy ass, with the boy moaning like a fucking bitch! Of course, the teen’s cock is also usually boned to the max and he’s ready to ride some big daddy dick.  It’s truly amazing to see the Creeper ambush them and get them to do it all – and let them be the freaky fucking whores they really want to be. And, surprisingly enough, some of these “straight boys” sure know how to suck cock!  The Creep’s favorite activity, though, is taking his time getting his hard cock in a boy’s fine ass, and then all of a sudden start fucking that bitch as hard as he can until he blasts a hot daddy load in him.

Starring: Logan Pine, Hunter Gold, Mac Dawson, Ray Stang, Adam Lee, Clay


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Raunchy Bastards

Production Year


Run Time

196 Minutes


Shane Aaron

Cast List

Logan Pine, Hunter Gold, Mac Dawson, Ray Stang, Adam Lee, Clay