Teens Fucked Senseless


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Difficult residents call for difficult measures.  Usually we only have to know a guy for a few weeks before we have him totally figured out.  Of course, they are all troublemakers.  However, the worst ones completely lack a moral compass.  Along with that glaring deficiency comes the resulting lack of respect for authority and flouting of the rules.  In addition, most of them are messy slobs.  Whereas these guys are not too bright, our House Managers have decades of experience helping these fragile young men find their way back onto the righteous path.  Work, civility, responsibility, pride in accomplishment. These are the values we try to instill, and if these jackoffs don’t get with the program they are fucked. Literally.  Sometimes fucking a young man senseless is the only way to knock some sense into him.  I have to tell you, it really works. After a good “correction” usually one of these dolt’s brains will actually focus for a day or two. It’s the constant instillation of focus that eventually helps them form some sort of moral “muscle memory.  These sexy teens aren’t living with their families anymore, sitting on the couch playing video games.  This is the real world, with real consequences.  Here at the House, the consequence is getting that tight little virgin butthole completely blown out.  It works!

Starring: Jack Lowe, Mason Ridge, Will Hahn, Cordon Swift, Caleb Reece

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Boys Halfway House

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Run Time

125 Minutes


Shane Aaron

Cast List

Jack Lowe, Mason Ridge, Will Hahn, Cordon Swift, Caleb Reece