Teens On The Brink


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When an 18 or 19 year old young man looks into the future, he can’t see far, and this is what leads to such bad choices.  On the brink of disaster, however, we House Managers and the Boys Halfway House take these young adults and mold them into someone useful.  In addition to serving as cock sucking cum rags, we encourage each of them to do their duty as cheerfully as possible.  Now, it isn’t always apparent to them at the time, but we imagine that they eventually get the message, and learn that crime and addiction don’t pay off in the long run.   Here, we keep them clean and sober, and we make sure that they will never go back to their old ways again, because their delinquent past only leads to further ass-smashing deep throating submission.

Starring: Espen, Alek Page, Liam Kyle, Travis, Taylor

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Shane Aaron

Cast List

Espen, Alek Page, Liam Kyle, Travis, Taylor

Run Time

124 Minutes