The Worst Offenders


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There is nothing more exciting than putting a young offender in his place.  After all, he has broken the societal contract, and now it is our turn to break him.  How do we know when we’ve finally broken him down?  Well, usually we know when his hole is stretched wide open – gaping and swollen from cock.  It’s even better when that hole is dripping jizz.  This is the only way to deal with these fuckers.

At the Boys Halfway House, our Managers ensure compliance and rehabilitation with a steady supply of cock – down their throats, on their tongues, against their precious virgin holes, and deep inside their cunts.  Sure, we get our rocks off, but we really do it all for you – the decent members of society who don’t want to live in constant fear of these ne’er-do-wells.  It’s our pleasure.  And it should also be your pleasure seeing these guys treated like the bitches they are.

Starring: Jack Andram, Orion, Ryder, Lucas Porter, Patrick Raposa

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Shane Aaron

Cast List

Jack Andram, Orion, Ryder, Lucas Porter, Patrick Raposa

Run Time

122 Minutes