Thugs And Punks


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A lot of times, as a professional creep and amateur porn producer, I run across desperately broke thugs and punks.  They are almost my favorite types of guys to mess around with.  One, because they are purely interested in the money they usually just do what they are told.  Two, they are generally in a hurry to get it over with, so they try harder to help me get my nut than some of the more lazy types of guys.  This collection showcases some of my favorite punks and thugs.  Some of them I get lucky enough to breed, and others just end up getting me off with their hands.  Either way, I get these fuckers to do gay sex.  It’s funny how they think that this stuff will never be seen by anyone they know, because I’m sure they would be embarrassed.  These types of guys have well-crafted appearances, which generally do not include a dick in their mouths or cum dripping out of their holes.  Enjoy!

Starring: Rocky Tate, Lucas Porter, Trent Spikes, Jonathon Perez, Clay

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Shane Aaron

Cast List

Rocky Tate, Lucas Porter, Trent Spikes, Jonathon Perez, Clay

Run Time

128 Minutes