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There’s a natural tendency for hot young men to want to do porn.  After all, they are good looking, fit, and full of hormones.  So, they apply to anywhere they can think of with dreams of being porn stars.  When they apply to work with old Clay, however, they’re in for quite the shock.  He talks a good game, but instead of fucking hot girls they usually end up getting fucked themselves. This amazing selection of scenes features some of the hottest, freshest, and straightest guys – and they all go gay with Clay.  Tyler Blue, only 18, gets fucked good in his precious virgin butthole.  Levi Whitman, also very fit and straight, finds himself on the receiving end of Clay’s appetite for young guys as well.  Even Alek Page, who talks about fucking chicks incessantly, becomes a fuck rag for Clay, with his legs up in the air and his hole completely blown out.  Finally, you can’t miss Cole Church.  This young Army boy is sexy as hell – an even he succumbs to Clay’s “casting” methods.

Starring:  Tyler Blue, Alek Page, Levi Whitman, Cole Church

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Shane Aaron

Run Time

168 Minutes

Cast List

Tyler Blue, Alek Page, Levi Whitman, Cole Church