Young Dumb And Tight


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“Correctional officers might have a higher salary, but it’s a lot more fun managing a Halfway House.  The guys are younger, for one, and for the most part they can leave if they want to.  They might not have anywhere to go, but at least they have a choice.  What this means, in effect, is if they have a bad attitude and don’t want to put out, then they can just get out.  They never leave though.  They are pretty dumb.  These young guys will let you use their tight holes whenever you want.  It’s kind of like being at a smorgasbord.  The House Managers sometimes have a difficult time decided which of these delinquents they want to bareback in order to get their rocks off.  It all works out in the end, though, because the guy in the next room will be there to use as a fuck hole the next day.”

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Boys Halfway House

Production Year


Run Time

125 Minutes


Shane Aaron

Cast List

Tristan Sweet, Daniel Cummings, Devin Marcel, Nick, Doug, Travis