Grooming Jocks To Be Whores

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Chances are, if you have some game and catch a young jock at just the right moment, he will let you fuck him for cash, after some cajoling.  Others, however, need a little more grooming.  So, you spend some time pumping up their ego, telling them how great they are, and wondering aloud with them why they haven’t found the perfect girlfriend yet.  You let them blather on about their gym routine, and you commiserate with them about how difficult it is to pay the bills.  Then, once you have earned your trust and admiration, you get them to do something sexual for you.  It might just be a BJ at first, but soon that leads to you rimming their sweet virgin assholes.  Before long, you are cracking them open, and they have their jock-cunts stuffed with daddy dick.  There is some after sex work to be done as well.  After you’ve sent them on their way with enough to pay their cell phone bill and buy their supplements, you don’t mention how good it feels to fuck them.   Instead, you make it seem like a chore.  In the end, if you follow all of these steps, you’ll have hot studs practically banging down your door to get some daddy dick and a few Benjies.  It’s tough work, but someone’s gotta do it, right?