Wayward Youth Fucked Hard

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No matter how hard they try, the House Managers just can’t believe sometimes how lazy and insolent these young men are.  They can’t keep their rooms clean, they can’t find a job, and when they do find a job, they can’t wake up in the morning and get to work on time.  Thankfully, the Managers never get despondent: they simply fuck the living daylights out of these punks until they finally learn their lesson!  Whether it’s one on one bareback therapy, a gang bang, or a House Manager fucking two residents at once, the methods at the House always seem to work, though.  At least for the House Managers!  These lucky tops have their pick of fine young tight assholes to fuck and breed, and there is never a day that goes by without some dumbshit taking a load into his mouth.  Check out these wayward youth and the uncommon methods of disciplining them into submission!