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Pretty boys get to skate through life with a free pass, it seems.  And in large part, it’s true, unless they wind up in the Boys Halfway House.  Here, these young men discover the true meaning of accountability.  Worse yet, if they’ve got a nice young bod and a pretty smile they are even more likely to get in “trouble.”  After all, the House Managers actually get to enjoy their jobs if they are meting out punishment to such sexy guys.  This compilation of incidents highlights the prettiest of pretty boys getting banged out, just for your viewing pleasure.


Whether it’s Tyler Blue – a blue eyed blond teen – getting his straight asshole blow out for the first time, or Rocky Tate taking a ride on the House Managers cock, we can assure you that these delinquents get every inch of dick that they deserve for their past crimes.  Sometimes it’s a one on one, with the House Manager going to town bareback on a guys ass, but sometimes group counseling is in order.  There’s nothing better than having two hotties on their knees with mouths wide open, ready to reluctantly receive a load of jizz.  Check out all of these residents taking it up the butt, being bred for the first time, and swallowing cum.  It’s the best of the best only from Boys Halfway House!

Starring: Tyler Blue, Rocky Tate, Hugh Depp, Kobe Ashton, Cruz Carver, Chris Colt

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Shane Aaron

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150 Minutes

Cast List

Tyler Blue, Rocky Tate, Hugh Depp, Kobe Ashton, Cruz Carver, Chris Colt

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