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It’s shocking how many young men out there think that they can break the law, or pary too much – or both, without facing consequences.  It seems that every one of these dumb fucks just thinks that he can sneak past anyone noticing.  But he’s only fooling himself and others for a short while.  Sooner or later, you gotta pay the piper.  Except in the case of the guys who end up at the Boys Halfway House, the piper is a House Manager, and he has a big fucking cock. Sooner or later starts now, at the House, and it entails these delinquent no goods getting their mouths filled with jizz, getting their asses pounded bareback, and eventually just being cum dumps.  Most of these guys are straight, so they don’t necessarily enjoy it much.  However, the House Managers love every second.  What’s better than sticking your rock hard cock inside a fresh virgin str8 boy hole?  Or feeling the lips of an 18 year old wrapped around your schlong?  It doesn’t get any better than this for the Managers, and it doesn’t get any worse than this for the residents.  You’re gonna wank your knob good watching these scenes documented at the House.

Starring: TJ Hughes, Travis Malone, Todd Woody, Drake Von, Danny Luca

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Shane Aaron

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131 Minutes

Cast List

TJ Hughes, Travis Malone, Todd Woody, Drake Von, Danny Luca

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