Daddy’s Boys Are Cum Whores

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Teens these days aren’t like they used to be.  Back in the day, if you could get a dude to suck your dick for some cash, it was a quiet affair, and guilt-ridden on the young man’s part.  These days, the younger ones have cell phone bills to pay and aren’t very intimidated by sex with another dude.  I chalk it up to pop culture and loosening sexual morals, but whatever the reason, it’s only meant more fun for me, Clay!  It’s easy peasy to get a dude not only to suck your dick, but to let you dump a load in his ass.  And three quarters of the time they will do a lot more than that!  Plus, instead of some dour look on their faces as you are fucking their virgin hole or feeding them your cum, they almost always provide service with a smile. I have a knack to get these guys to be total cum whores for your exclusive viewing pleasure (and my pleasure, too, of course!).  Whether it’s 18 year old straight boy Jack Lowe taking two loads of jizz up his boy hole, or Mikey Allens sandwiched in between me and Chris Colt, The rentboys  out-perform expectations: cum guzzling, load taking, bareback young men just trying to make a buck.  And Daddy is just the meal ticket they turn to when they are low on funds.

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132 Minutes


Shane Aaron

Cast List

Cast List: James Dawn, Pierce Olson, Trevor Hardman, Jack Lowe, Mark Santana, Chris Colt, Mikey Allens, Clay